Cards Made 15th November 2011

JJ have a Holly Jolly Card

Penguins in Scarves Card

Gus on Wine, Women and Song Card

Prayer Wheels Card

Blue Petunias Easel Card

Cards Made 14th November 2011

J J Cute Birthday Card

Peach Roses Envelope Card

Pink Lilies Card

Black and Red Tulips Card

New Baby Girl Stuffed With Love Card

Cute Mrs Santa Card

White Poinsettia  Zigzag Card

Blue Poinsettia Zigzag Card

Green Poinsettia Zigzag Card

Robin and Poinsettias Zigzag Card

Birthday Scallop Stacker Gizmos Card.

Cute Baby Girl with Teddy and Dog Card

Poinsettia Treat Basket

Cards made 13th November 2011

Baby Boy Faux Book Card
with matching gift tag

Baby Girl Faux Book Card
with Matching Gift Tag

Flower Teddy Fan Easel Card

Rose Tear-drop Card

Cards made 12th November 2011

Peaceful Christmas Cottage Easel Card

Purple Bride on Silver/Gold Patterned Mirror Card

Steam punk Merry Christmas Card
Very different Xmas Card.

Have an out of this world Birthday Card

Nature's Reflection Card

Cute Dolphin Card (1)

Cute Dolphin Card (2)

Love Poem Birthday Easel Card

9th - 10th November 2011

Christmas Trinket Bag

Gingerbread Sweeties Basket

Happy Anniversary Bears Card

Ballerina Birthday Card

Teddy's Ark Easel Card

Chocolate Lovers Pop up Card

 Page Corner Bookmarks

Dreams and Flowers Card

Housework Won't Kill You-
But Why Take The Chance
Pop up Card

With Love Trinket Bag

Pearls and Stars Easel Card

Paris Chic - Trinket Bag

Flaming Heart and Guitars Card

9th November 2011

Beautiful Sympathy/Confirmation/Easter Cards

A Little Thank you note

Just For You Orange Roses

Lace and Roses Birthday Card

More 8th November 2011

Wedding Day Book Card

Small Carousel Card

Cutest Little Lilac Girl Card

7th and 8th November 2011

Peach Dress Easel Card

Large Easel New Baby Girl Card

Teddy Celebrations Gatefold Card

Little Girl in The Garden Card

Yummy Desserts Card

To The One I Love Card

6th November 2011

Snowman 3d Card

Girl's Ipad Card

Small Easel Cosmetic Card

Small 3d Wedding Cake Card

Octagonal Roses Card

Lilac Flowers Card

Construction Site Easel Card

Domino Card

The Mint Quad Easel Card.
One word - Stunning!

4th and 5th November 2011

Special Girl Pinafore card

Special Granddaughter Card

Bears Shopping Card

Steam Punk Heart Card

Playing Cards Easel Card

The Men's Card Night Card

Rally Car Card

Thinking of You Sympathy Card

4th November 2011

Forklift Birthday Card

Daisies and bows on Lace Card

Bright Eyes Steam Punk Card

Mini Landscape Chocolate Easel Card

More 3rd November 2011

A charming treasure chest.

A secret Santa card - you can make the Santa
disappear just by pulling the outer edges

3rd November 2011

Pink Festive Season Card

Blue Wedding Cake Card

Perfect Princess Card

Dad DIY Jigsaw Card

Mono Flowers and Pearls Easel Card

Bert Ironing Card

2nd November 2011

Winter Wedding Card

The Baby Train Card

Blue Teddy Bear Easel Card

1st November 2011

Bingo Grannies Easel Card

Art Deco Teal Shoes Card

Elegance in Brown Card

Christmas Rose Double Aperture Card

Christmas card with a surprise - it
hangs onto your tree!

Coffee and Mints Shelf Card

30th and 31st October 2011

Little Blue Sparrow Card

Robins in Box Card

Congratulations Faux Envelope Card

Gold Balloons Handkerchief Card

Abstract in Brown Card

Wedding Day Shoes Card

Little Girl Card with matching envelope
and gift bag.

New Baby Boy Bunny Card

New Baby Girl Bunny Card

New Baby Girl Side Card

Words to live by Card

Roses and Carnations Easel Card

Happy Birthday Daddy Bunny Plate Card

Let's Dance Card

Two mini hexagonal Rose Cards

Have a Grrreat Birthday Tiger Easel Card

Blue Abstract Card

Get Well Soon teddy Card

Roses Card

Swan on Lily Card

Flowers and Diamonds Card

Just for you Circle Card

27th and 28th October 2011

Tri Fold Bookmark Presents Card

My Christmas Friends Pop out Card

Little Girl Birthday Cake Card

Blue Boutique Easel Card

Dahlie Fold Back card with Bookmark

Mono Boutique Card

Lilac Handkerchief Card

Two Perpetual Calendars -
Lazy Daisy and men's Tie

25th October 2011

Beautiful Dewdrop flower Card

Lovely Little Girl Easel Card

Steam Punk Bouquet Card

Purple Crocus Easel Card

I crafted this card just for you Card

Thank you Card

Party invitation Card

Wedding Day Book Card

Cheetahs at rest easel card

Crocus Shadow Card with
matching envelope


Dazzling Dress Card

Raspberry Shoe Card

Steam Punk Girl Card

Octagonal Locket Blushing Bride Card
with matching envelope

Sitting On Santa's knee Easel Card
with matching envelope

Penguins At Play Tent Card
with matching envelope

On your Engagement Card

On your Diamond Wedding Anniversary Card

Jigsaw Car Card

Blush - To someone special card

8" x 8" Lilac Fan card

Purple Orchid Card

Pink Champagne Bottle Happy
Birthday Card

Horse Portrait Card

Little Florist Easel Card

Robin scallop card kit

Christmas snowscene and double drawers
complete with matching box

Panda  box christmas card

Little girl in a box card.

Congratulations new baby pram card

Long 'what is a boy' Card

Beautiful swan card

Big car on pretty background card

Gizmo over the top no hold card

Party handbag Card

Turn me Santa Card - The circle rotates
Behind the square so Santa 'disappears'

Beautiful Swan Anniversary Card

Angelic New Baby Boy Card

A walk in the Moonlight Card

Jigsaw Castle Card

Pink Poinsettia Card

Happy 1st Birthday Jungle Card

Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad

Greek Style Lady Card

Exercise Girl Card

Chocolates Pull Out Card

Steam Punk Lady Card

Steam Punk Roses Card

Trio of small Cards

Happy Birthday Dad Bunny Plate Card

Steam Punk Glass Jag Card

Small Cupcakes Card

Time to Celebrate Card

Moving House Card

Stella Gift Tags

To the one I Love heart fold card

Will you marry me, please?

Two cute little christmas cards

Ah so, it's the Karate Kid Card

Little girls party bay window Card

Little Red Riding Hood Card

Val Ventura on Safari Card

Do you like my car? Card

A favourite of mine - Stocking up for
winter Card

Christmas Card as bag shaped with envelope
and Matching Bookmark

Small Sewing Pocket Card with
Matching gift tag

What shall I wear Small Pocket

DIY Small Pocket Card with
a sticker for Dad.

Bakery Small Pocket Card
with matching gift tag.

Happy Birthday Pull out Card
with Matching Envelope

Little cat in a pocket handbag (gift bag)

New Baby Boy Card

Cutie on a swing easel card

Fun mittens card

Santa has snowman's head

Poinsettia Xmas Wreath Card Kit

Poinsettias and church card

Art Deco Lady Card

Red Shoes and Perfume card

True Friend Card

All Sports Easel Card

Relax Fishing Card

Golf Cart Card

Celtic Frame card fronts (with toppers from

Bumbleberry Cottage Aperture
Decoupage Card

Medallion Card

Umz medallion Card

You passed your Driving Test

Gus is retired now Card.

Time to take some me time card
on lace card with ribbon

Full set of Card, Cracker (inc.hat and joke), name plate
and gift tag.

Downhill Skier easel card

Steam Punk Christmas (2)

Stella and Santa have a good laugh Card.

Only a few Trillion more deliveries stepper card.

Baby's First Christmas Card

Poinsettia's and Xmas Tree Card.

Art Nouveau Lady in Peach Satin Card

Steam Punk - Have a blast Card

Stella and the day after feeling Card.

Speedo Pyramid Card

Happy Birthday Pull Out Card
Male Birthday 

Lilac Horseshoe - needs ribbon
to finish

Happy Birthday Granddad Card

Have a cocktail Card

Lilac Santa Card

Beautiful Wedding Card

Love in Venice Card

Happy Birthday Clown Card
the bow tie spins!

Lilac Card Front

Pamper yourself it's your...
Birthday/Anniversary etc Card

Pink Card Front

Happy Birthday Rock Chick Card

Battling Robins Deco
Decoupage Card

Blue Ice Deco Decoupage

Gus and Women Pyramid Card

Large DL Robin Card

On Santa's Knee Rocking Card

Red Robin on Lace Deco
Decoupage Card

Beautiful Stationery Set -
includes 5 note cards and envelopes 
and a matching folder

If you can't spoil yourself on your 
Birthday, when can you? Decoupage

Two little Steam Punk Ladies
Easel Card

Daisy Tear Drop - Pyramid Card

Chocolate Cake Pop Out Card
with matching envelope

Gizmos Pop Out Card with
matching envelope

New Baby Girl Pop Out Card
with matching envelope

Frosty and Frostina go to a
fancy dress party!
Beautiful Over the Edge
easel Christmas Tree Card.

Attitude? - 'Whatever'

Attitude with the Lippy

Little brolly girls

Yum Yum - Enough said!
Good Luck in Your New Job

Happy 21st Birthday

Snowgirl Bauble in a card!

Advent Tree Hanging Bags

Penguin Pyramid Card

Gingerbread House Decoupage

Beautiful Kitten
Gatefold Card

Swag of Poinsettias Decoupage Card

Christmas Stocking Patchoupage

Penguin Sledging Moveable

Three Pixies moveable Card

Christmas Card with Pocketed 
Book Mark

Twelve Assorted Scalloped Front
Christmas Cards with various toppers

Cosmetics Easel Card

Views of Yorkshire triple
easel Card

Rose notelets or flower cards

Congratulations Fenella and John
Wedding Card

Welcome Baby Girl Shelf 
Basket Card

Pink Lilies Scalloped corner Card

Happy Birthday Edged Layer Card

Happy Birthday Vintage Car
Envelope Card

8" Square Vintage Lady Card

Welcome new baby girl -
Bootees Card

Happy Birthday Cosmetic Easel Card

Fishing in Retirement Pyramid Card

Golden Rings on your Special
Day Card

In Deepest Sympathy Trellis Card

Waiting for the Off Pyramid 
Happy Birthday Card

On your Wedding Day Card

Beautiful Swans Wedding Card

World's Best Dad Book Style
Card for Birthday or Fathers Day

Ladies Clothing and cosmetics
Thread Card

To Have and to Hold, Wedding Cake
Decoupage Card

Congratulations (Wedding, Anniversary, Engagement)
Corner layered Card

Girl in Denim Octagonal Tri-fold

Beautiful Lady Card with
ribbon and pearl fastenings.

Lady in Red Theatre Fold Card

Over the top Wedding Cake Card

Yummy Birthday Card

Crystal Tree Baubles

Karate Kid Spring Card

Lilac and Butterfly Dangling 
Criss Cross Card

Beautiful Orchids Decoupage Card

Santa Stuck in the Chimney Card

Silent Night Over the Top Rocking

Stella in a Wine Glass